How to dress to impress in the new slim fit suit

When it comes to dressing to impress, slim fits are everywhere.

And they’re just as easy to pull off as a dress shirt.

Here are some of our favorite tips for finding the perfect fit for your wardrobe.1.

Choose the right shirt.

For a slim fit, you should pick a shirt with a wide chest and a wide shoulder, says Gaby Scholz, a senior fashion writer at The Wall Street Journal.

“You want to go for a shirt that’s really slim,” she says.2.

Choose a shirt size.

“Small-to-medium” shirts are ideal, she says, but a medium-sized shirt can be slim-fitting as well.3.

Wear a skirt.

“The best thing to do is to have a dress that goes up to your legs,” says Schol, who recommends a low-cut dress shirt that has a low cut that hits your legs.

“That’s not too sexy,” she adds.4.

Don’t forget to check out the fit.

“Look at the fit,” says Gabor Zabrocki, a fashion writer and editor at the Huffington Post.

“Your arms and chest should be in line with your shoulders, and your waist should be perfectly round.”5.

Don’ t forget to take a picture of yourself in the suit.

“Take a picture,” says Zabrooks.

“If it looks good, you’ll be a winner.”6.

Dress for style.

“Be conservative,” says B.J. Holton, the author of “How to Dress for Style.”

“If you’re going to be out in public, make sure you don’t look like you’re wearing a suit.”7.

Find a place for the waistband.

“Wear a dress, like a slim-fit suit,” says Holton.

“A dress is really just a piece of fabric that goes over your hips and goes under your arms.”8.

Find the right color.

“I’m in a lot of color, and I think there are lots of great color options,” says Hollingsworth.

“Some people will prefer black or gray or dark gray, and some people will go for light pink or light purple.”9.

Make sure the fit is flattering.

“Make sure the shirt is comfortable,” says Hulshoff Polak, a former editor at The Atlantic.

“It should be loose and you can wear it as a t-shirt or a dress.”10.

Dress like a fashion icon.

“There are so many cool things that can be done with the slim fit,” Holton says.

“Do it as much as you can.

The best thing is to wear it for casual occasions.”11.

Go for something more modern.

“As with anything, if you’re not going to look the part, go for something that’s a little more edgy,” says Polak.

“Go for something new, that’s not overly formal.”12.

Get creative.

“Pick a shirt and tie,” says Sarah Evers, a designer and fashion editor at Vogue.

“Try something bold, something that doesn’t feel like it’s going to get worn much.”13.

Wear an undershirt.

“Even if you wear a dress or dress shirt, there are still times where you want to show off,” she notes.

“For some people, it’s best to go with something that is a little higher cut and that’s slimming down, but for others, it can be a bit loose.”14.

Dress to impress.

“Don’t just wear a suit,” Holston says.

He suggests that you wear something that looks comfortable, that has something that shows off your curves.

“Then you can show off your legs or shoulders.

That’s really important.”15.

Wear jeans and t-shirts.

“But what if you want a bit more style?” says Polaks.

“Find a pair of jeans that have a little bit of leg room and a bit of stretch, that goes down to your calves and up your hips.

A dress shirt can do that.”16.

Dress with style.

When it’s time to wear a tailored suit, “You don’t want to wear something you’ve worn in the past,” Holtons says.

“‘Dressed up’ is not the right term, but it does have that word,” he says.17.

Wear comfortable shoes.

“Dress shoes are great for people who want to stay in their shoes all day,” Holts says.18.

Wear the right hat.

“Whether you’re working at home or at the office, wear a hat with a bit extra height and depth,” says Solano.

“Not only do you want that to show your work skills, but you want it to be visible.”19.

Wear high-waisted shoes.

“A pair of high-walled shoes with a heel is really important,” Holsons says.

You want a pair that is high enough to be comfortable, but not

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