When the Japanese take over, we need to make sure we have skinny fit cars

Fit in the car?

Don’t bother!

In a year or so, Japan’s government will introduce strict rules that will see vehicles designed to fit the country’s increasingly obese population.

The Japanese government has been looking at cars for a while now, and is currently testing them on the Tokyo metro system.

A lot of them are fitted with GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, but the Japanese government will not allow the cars to be marketed as Fit.

Instead, the government will ask consumers to select a Fit Fit in a bid to curb obesity.

The government has taken the stance that Fit in cars means more exercise and less sedentary habits, and that Fit should be the default.

“We are not against anyone’s desire to get fit, but there is a clear need for people to have a healthy lifestyle,” Japan’s health minister said last month.

“We need to get people fit.”

The government wants to make the Fit in Cars category the default choice for people who want to live in the capital and enjoy a more sedentary lifestyle.

However, as the government has become more concerned about obesity, it is also looking at ways to make it more difficult for people not to get too fit.

It is already trying to limit Fit in Car sales by requiring Fit-only cars and not allowing them to be advertised.

“Our main aim is to make Fit in car the default, and not to allow the marketing of Fit,” said Takashi Yamaguchi, an official with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

But, the Japanese Government has been slow to adopt the rules.

The latest round of regulations are currently under review, and may not go into effect until 2020.

“The government is not ready yet to adopt a regulation, but we are working with industry and the automakers,” said Tatsuya Shigematsu, director of the Japan Obesity Research Centre.

“There are some ideas, but none of them have a chance of being adopted.”

Shigemagi says that he is optimistic that manufacturers will take up the challenge to curb the number of Fit-in-Car cars being sold in Japan.

“If we can create a way to make vehicles fit, then people will become more sedate and enjoy their life,” he said.

While the government is hoping that Fit-ins will be more popular, the issue of Fit in Japan is a global one.

The European Union recently banned Fit-Ins in its own market of Italy, and in 2014, Australia banned Fit Ins in Australia.

And in 2016, Fit-In-India banned FitIns in the country for six months, and the UK has also banned FitIn-UK.

The United States has also taken a hard line on Fit-INs.

The US Food and Drug Administration recently rejected the idea of FitIns as a health promotion.”FIT in cars is a new product in the market, and we need a comprehensive strategy to tackle it,” said Shigetoshi Yamada, the head of Fit India.

“If the government really wants to stop the spread of Fit, it should take into account all the existing regulations.”

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