Trump’s new fitness center is a disaster

Trump’s inauguration was a huge success, and the President-elect has made it a priority to make sure it continues.

His fitness center, for instance, is being built in New Jersey.

But it will be built on a site that’s far from the nearest gym.

It will be in the state’s biggest city, Newark, which, as we reported last month, is the home of one of the most prominent sports gyms in the world.

And it will cost $200 million.

The New Jersey Department of Labor is asking for $400 million for a new facility to be constructed for those working out.

That’s $40 million less than what was initially requested.

Trump has also made the New Jersey location a priority.

His spokesman has promised to create 100 new jobs, and Trump himself promised to make New Jersey “a great, great state.”

He’s also promised to expand Newark’s gym.

But that’s not the only project that Trump has promised in the New York area.

In fact, he’s proposed more than 40 other projects, from hotels and condos to public schools, to public health centers and schools.

And all of those projects are likely to be built at the same time as the inauguration, which is scheduled for January 20.

New Jersey, like New York, is not the birthplace of Trump’s candidacy.

It was, however, a stronghold for the Republican Party.

The state’s early history as a bastion of the party dates back to 1776.

There, the party won its first state legislative election by about 1 percent.

That led to a national wave of support for the party, and then Trump won the White House.

It wasn’t until 1924, after he won the presidency, that New Jersey voted Republican for the first time in modern history.

New Yorkers are passionate about the Republican party.

They like Trump, they hate Democrats, and they are deeply suspicious of any liberal policies.

In this context, the new Trump fitness center could be seen as part of the Democratic Party’s effort to portray New Jersey as a “safer” place, one that offers “a safer environment for the Trump team.”

And it’s not hard to see how that’s going to play out.

Trump, for example, has vowed to appoint anti-LGBTQ justices to the Supreme Court.

There are already plenty of conservative justices on the court who have expressed disdain for LGBTQ people.

It’s also worth noting that New York has long been a hub for political activism, with hundreds of LGBT activists marching on the Statehouse to demand equal rights for the LGBTQ community in the 1980s.

So this is clearly a project meant to be seen in that context, and it’s easy to see why the New Yorkers would be skeptical of it.

It might also come as a surprise to some New Yorkers, given that Trump’s own party has embraced and promoted anti-gay and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

In 2017, the Republican National Committee issued a statement calling for Trump to be removed from office.

“The President-Elect has long made it clear that he is not committed to opposing discrimination or violence against anyone, including LGBT people,” the statement read.

“And he has repeatedly stated that he believes in religious freedom and equal treatment for all Americans.

So while it is clear that the Trump campaign is working to promote the false and divisive narrative that the President of the United States supports or supports hate groups, this campaign is not anti-religious freedom and has no place in our democracy.

We hope that the new President will make it clear to all of his supporters that hate speech and bigotry will not be tolerated and that they will not have the right to engage in this type of hateful rhetoric.”

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