How to get fit with a fitness motivator quote

For most of us, fitness is about keeping our body and mind fit.

It’s also about having fun.

And that’s exactly what the fitness motivational quote comes to mind.

“When you want to get in shape, get fit, or improve your life, it’s about feeling good and not feeling bad,” says Dr. Karen E. Coker, a certified personal trainer in Ottawa, Ontario, and the author of “Fitness Motivation: An Empowerment Approach to Personal and Community Well-Being.”

It’s all about feeling like your best, and that you’re a part of a movement that’s helping to make you feel better about yourself.

“If you want a feeling of happiness and purpose in your life and you want that feeling to last, you have to be active,” says Eileen B. Ransom, PhD, an associate professor in the department of psychology at the University of Toronto.

“It’s a way to get exercise.”

For fitness motivation quotes that will help you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself, here are 10 of our favorites.

Fitness motivation quotes for men & women Fitness motivation quote #1.

“What a great day!”

The words, “What A Great Day!” were written on a black board by a young boy who had just walked away from the gym.

He didn’t know it at the time, but he was writing his own fitness motivational poem, in honor of his mom, who passed away a few months earlier.

He had no idea what the poem was about.

The boy had lost the fight with cancer.

The poem had a message for his mom: “You know, I’ve been fighting for months now, and you still don’t know how to beat it.”

You can imagine the boy’s heart pounding.

He could tell it was getting pretty loud and his voice was starting to tremble.

“How did I lose my fight?

I think it’s because I didn’t look at my body,” he wrote.

“I didn’t realize how hard it was for me to keep doing the things I do, so I kept trying to improve.

I tried to keep getting better.

I kept improving, but it’s not always going to happen.”

He was writing about himself, and he wanted others to know he was doing good.

“The idea of fighting the disease and winning the battle of cancer was a very powerful message to me,” he says.

You have to keep working and keep looking for better ways to get better. “

Even if you can’t make progress, you still have to continue to fight.

Fitness motivation quotation #2. “

And even if you’re not doing that, you can still use this as motivation to keep looking.”

Fitness motivation quotation #2.

“Get out of the house & work out.

No need to get home.”

It was a spring day in 2019, and a man was walking in the streets of Toronto when a woman asked him for directions.

She was just a few weeks into a new job and was looking for a place to stay.

“So I just started walking,” he said.

She goes, ‘Well, why don’t you come and do the same thing?’ “

And I said, OK, thanks.

She goes, ‘Well, why don’t you come and do the same thing?’

I don’t mind that much, but she goes, OK. “

She goes, Oh, that’s OK.

I don’t mind that much, but she goes, OK.

And then I walked home and did the same things.”

The woman said, “I was out here just walking in my yard.”

“Yeah, OK,” he responded.

“That’s OK too.

I’m just gonna go do it.”

Fitness motive quote #3.

“Stop eating junk food, & move to a better diet.”

The words on a white board were written by a woman who had been living in a hotel for a while and was about to be moved to a new home.

“My husband is not a big fan of junk food,” she said, explaining that he felt like he had to be careful with his food choices.

“He has no appetite for junk food and says that when he gets a craving, it takes him an hour to get back to his normal eating habits,” she wrote.

She also encouraged her husband to get out of his home and move to an area that was healthier for him.

“Do you know that my husband and I have been married for 13 years?

We’ve never had any food allergies or any food sensitivities whatsoever,” she continued.

“We just got married to a woman that doesn’t have any food sensitivity.

So if he’s having a craving for junk, he can just go and get a glass of wine.

Or if he feels like he needs

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