This $150 ring fitness tracker uses the same hardware as Apple Watch 2 to get a workout

The Apple Watch 3 is a very popular watch, but the Apple Watch Sport 2, which is still available for preorder, is also a popular model, with the latter selling for $149.

This means Apple Watch users are stuck with a pretty big price tag when it comes to fitness bands.

This week, however, Apple is releasing an alternative to the more popular Apple Watch that uses a similar hardware platform to the Apple watch.

This $149 fitness tracker, dubbed the Ring Fit, uses the AppleWatch 2 to give users a workout, but it does so with a different kind of design.

Instead of just a rectangular design, the RingFit is made of an aluminum alloy and is made from a metal that’s supposed to provide better strength than other materials.

The band, which measures 5.8mm wide and 6mm thick, is made with a stainless steel band that has a metal band and a silicone band.

The stainless steel version is also made from stainless steel and comes with a strap made of stainless steel.

The silicone version has a silicone strap and a metal strap, and the metal strap is a bit thinner.

The metal bands are more comfortable than the silicone ones, so they’re a good fit for those who prefer a less bulky version of their Apple Watch.

The AppleWatch Sport 2 has a similar design, but has a much smaller display.

Instead, the Sport 2 sports a bigger display and a much thinner display, with only three bands on the back.

The straps of the new Apple Watch ring fitness trackers are made of different materials, which means they’ll fit a wide variety of people.

The new Apple watch also comes with an NFC tag, which can be used to access various Apple services, including iTunes and Maps.

It also comes in two different color options: black and white.

Both the black and the white versions are available for $59, while the white version is available for an extra $29.

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