How to find the perfect fit for your bikini model

Fitness blogger Jennifer Sperling finds her perfect fit when she uses a “bikini sheet” to keep her body flexible and supple, and she also gets her workout in from time to time by taking it out to the pool.

“It’s one of those things you have to use to your advantage,” she says.

“I think the sheet is one of the best things you can do for your body.

You can use it to stretch and get your muscles tight and to get your skin nice and shiny.”

For example, when you’re doing a pushup or chin-up exercise, your skin is more pliable, but when you sit on a bench, your muscles are less elastic and more rigid.

So, while the sheet gives you more flexibility, you’ll still have to stretch out your muscles and take on a wider range of movements.

“When I wear a bikini sheet, it gives me the freedom to do what I want with my body.

That’s just really liberating,” she adds.

Here are seven tips for keeping your bikini sheets looking good.


Put your bikini sheet on at least an hour before you go swimming.

“You’re going to want to get it wet first, so you need to put it on and get the water out,” Sperlings says.

And when you do this, she advises that you don’t wait to dry it off.

“Take it off and start again.”

“Put it on at about an hour and you’ll want to wear it a couple of times.

Then it’ll look great and you can put it back on,” she recommends.


Avoid wearing too many layers.

“If you’re wearing a bikini, you can have a layer of clothes that covers your entire body,” Sattles says.

If you’re not, she says, “you’re going through the motions and you’re going the wrong way.”

But she adds that it’s worth taking the extra time to lay down some extra layers to help you keep your shape.


Put on a few layers, then wash them off.

In order to keep your bikini looking as beautiful as possible, she suggests starting with a few sets of a few different layers, such as a lightweight bra and a t-shirt, and then washing them off before swimming.

Then, when swimming, you could just do two or three sets of layers, with a little more weight on top.


Add layers if you’re getting too hot.

“Some people don’t like to wear a lot of layers because it’s hot,” Satter says.

But if you are a bit hot and you want to add a layer, Sattls recommends adding a couple layers and then drying them off, to help keep your skin smooth and supplicant.


Don’t put too much pressure on your bikini.

“Do a couple sets of three to five layers and if you have a little pressure, it will be easier to stretch your muscles,” she suggests.

“And you’ll have a nice shiny layer of skin on your arms and legs, which will be really flattering.”


Put a layer under your shirt to help protect your body against water.

“In my opinion, you don’ want to put too many pressure on a bikini,” Satur says.

The layer should be a layer you can take off easily without causing any irritation.


If your skin looks oily, use a moisturizer.

“That’s really good,” Sabor says.

She recommends using a moisturizing cream or a moisturiser that has a pH balance, which means that it has a good pH level.

“With your body, pH changes with time, so if you apply too much moisturizer, you will cause skin to feel oily.

And you’ll make yourself look like a jellyfish,” she notes.

But you don”t have to be a jellybean to have a good skin.

“This whole point of this bikini sheet is that it gives you a sense of control,” she continues.

“So you don.t have that sense of ‘I don’t want to go out and have a bath.’

You can just put on your bathing suit and go out into the water and be yourself.”

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