Why I love the Simply Fit board for exercising

When it comes to bodybuilding, I have my own personal favorites.

They range from the simple to the complex and are definitely worth a look for anyone looking to get fit.

The Simply Fit is one of those boards, because it’s easy to learn, easy to use and perfect for anyone who’s looking to take their fitness to the next level.

Read More I’m a huge fan of this board because of the simplicity of its design.

You don’t have to worry about your fitness equipment, your nutrition, your personal training or the amount of weight you lift.

When you’re first looking to buy the Simply fit board you might be surprised to find out how little it costs.

It starts at $129 for the 2-pack, and then jumps to $219 for the 4-pack and 6-pack.

It’s only $30 for a single pack.

So, it’s a great value for anyone. 

The board itself has a lot of great features.

One of my favorites is that the board has a built-in accelerometer, which is great for when you want to track your progress.

Also, there are three levels of fitness to choose from.

If you’re looking to add more weight to your bench or squat, you can upgrade the weight capacity of the board by buying the 6- pack.

That’s $70.

Alternatively, you could also add a pair of knee wraps or a pair or a set of dumbbells. 

If you want a little more flexibility, you also have the option to add a weight belt, or you can purchase a single belt that can be installed on top of the weight, or if you want even more versatility, you’ll be able to choose between the 8- or 12-piece sets. 

There are also two workout monitors that can help you track your workouts, and they can be used to monitor your body fat, lean mass, and strength.

You can also choose to have the board run on a timer or in your smartphone app, and it’s all fully functional.

There are even two different weights to choose for the board. 

At $219, you’re not going to be able do the board without the added cost of the 6.5-pack ($99), so it’s definitely a great option for someone looking to upgrade their training and equipment.

What do you think of the SimplyFit?

Let us know in the comments!

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