When ‘blink fitness’ went viral: 4chan Fit

A group of 4chan users is turning fitness into a global phenomenon.

Blink Fitness is a workout program that is being used to help people lose weight, and now, the group has a new online channel called Fit, which is a mix of fitness and video.

The fitness channel features fitness videos from people like Justin Bieber, who says that he is “blinkingly fit.”

In addition to the fitness videos, there are other videos featuring people who are struggling with weight, like actor Ashton Kutcher and singer Beyonce Knowles, who are featured in videos on the fitness channel.

One of the biggest things people want to see is more positive content, said Justin Sacks, CEO of the Fit Media Group.

People want to get in shape and be positive, Sacks told CBS News. 

The Fit channel also features some celebrity fitness videos as well.

“Justin Bieber, Beyonce, I think, really want to do the best possible fitness for themselves and the world,” Sacks said. 

The group started the fitness community in September of last year, and Sacks says the community has grown to more than 100,000 people.

Sacks said the fitness video trend started when a 4chan user named “Sugar” posted a fitness video in August of this year, which was then uploaded to the group’s channel.

Sacks says that when people see the fitness, they are drawn in.

“A lot of people are interested in it, and they like to be challenged and see the good side of it,” Sills said.

According to Sacks the fitness movement started because the group of people were trying to help a friend with weight loss, and the group also wanted to make it easier for people to get the same results.

“The fitness community has really grown, and we are doing this to make sure that people can achieve their goals and get the best results from fitness,” Sikes said.

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