How to fit a Fit Cap for Workout: An exercise book

When we first started the Fit Cap Kickstarter, we saw the potential for a fitness app for work, but it was still in a prototype stage and the company wasn’t really sure what it would look like.

After spending months thinking through design and prototyping, we decided that Fit Cap would be a way to take a workout from your office or garage and make it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

We were very lucky to have a team of engineers, designers, and developers who were already working on the Fit Caps, and we’ve spent the last three years building the product.

Fit Cap is now shipping its first edition of Fit Cap Fit Caps are made from a soft and lightweight fabric that feels great on your body, yet still fits well into tight spaces.

Fit Caps feature a simple, yet functional design that is a blend of sport, fitness, and office-appropriate materials.

Fit cap can be worn over shirts or pants, and you can customize the fit by adding or removing padding, straps, and shoulder straps.

The Fit Cap can be made to fit anyone, from men and women to older adults and kids.

Fit caps can be paired with any of the Fit Pads that we offer, so you can easily add and remove different workout-specific materials.

Each Fit Cap comes with a pair of Fit Pods that will give you a workout-ready fit.

For men, Fit Cap has a soft-touch design that allows you to slip on the cap and stay snug.

Fit pods feature a rubber-like material that allows them to slip over your shoulders without any additional pressure.

Fit Pops are also available to add more support to your workout with an optional elastic strap that slides over your lower back and ankles.

The fit of Fit Caps is truly customizable and can be customized to your body type and fitness level.

Fit Caps come in several colors, and can fit up to 14 people.

The cap itself is made from high-quality materials that are soft, lightweight, and breathable.

Fit Fit Caps can also be made in the following sizes: 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, and 6XL.

You can find more Fit Cap information at the FitCap website.

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