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Honda Fit 2008 was released on March 18, 2008.

The Fit was a compact, four-door sedan with a 4.0L V6 engine and four seats in the back.

It was offered in both black and silver.

The Fit was the first Japanese car to feature an automatic transmission, which was an innovation from Honda.

It also became the first car to use the “D” in “Drive” as the standard engine name.

A 3.5L inline-six was also standard, which also became standard on the Fit.

Honda Fit 2008 features a six-speed automatic transmission.

As you might expect, the Fit was built for driving, as it offered a low curb weight of 5,814 pounds.

When the Fit came out, it offered two trim levels.

The base model was the base model, which included a base price of ¥1,947.

The top model was priced at ¥3,955 and the base price was ¥5,960.

After a long wait, Honda began selling the Fit in the U.S. for ¥2,199.

The new car was available starting on March 24, 2008 and was available in three colors.

Black was available as a base model and white as the top model.

The trim level with the black model came in a white base and black paint with silver trim.

The white base model came with silver wheels and black trim.

This model also came with the optional “L” trim option, which is the one that you see on the Honda Fit.

This is the trim level that you can get if you chose a “L”.

There were also two colors of the “L”, which was available only on the base models.

The red trim was available on the red base model.

If you liked the color options on the first Fit, you can find them again on the new Fit.

The color options also include white wheels, black trim, a grey roof, and black pedals.

These are the only trim levels available on this car, which makes sense considering the car is still in production.

While the new car is no longer available in the United States, it is now available on other markets in Japan.

The car is priced at about ¥4,999 in Japan, and that is a very good deal considering the new, updated, and higher-end cars that are being offered by the automakers.

You can also buy the HondaFit2008 on eBay for about ¥5.7 million ($8,300).

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