A Fitbit is just a fitness watch that’s all about fitness

Fitbit has released a fitness tracker that looks a lot like the Fitbit Blaze and Blaze 2, with the addition of a more expensive, built-in wristband and built-ins to allow for easy notifications.

The new Fitbit Connect Fitbit Charge HR is the company’s first wearable that’s built for fitness, and the first to use a flexible band to make it easier to slip on.

The wristband is a flexible version of the bands on the Blaze and Charge HR, which makes it easy to slip the band over your wrist for additional convenience, and Fitbit says the bands can be swapped out for any other band with the push of a button.

It’s a lot of bands, but Fitbit’s flexible band is designed to easily slip onto a wrist for added convenience.

Fitbit claims that the FlexBand will provide you with more than 200 hours of battery life, which would be about what the Blaze 2 would get if you went for a 2,000mAh battery.

If you have a Fitbit, you can expect the FitBand to be in stores in August, though you’ll have to wait for the company to announce the price.

For now, the company is only showing a sample of the Flexband, and it’s unclear if that includes a watch face or just a screen with the band.

The company’s fitness tracker for the wrist has a wide range of functions, from GPS and heart rate to notifications and fitness, as well as a simple and simple-to-use interface that includes icons to quickly navigate between different functions.

There’s a dedicated app for tracking heart rate, sleep, and exercise.

It can be paired with other fitness apps, and there’s a fitness tracking app for iPhone and Android, as are the Fitbits and Fitbits 2.

For $130, you’ll get an in-ear microphone and a built-out heart rate sensor for tracking exercise, sleep and sleep tracking, and a wristband for additional functions.

FitBit has partnered with a few different fitness companies to help develop the new FlexBand, and you can learn more about the partnerships in the company blog post.

Fitbits will sell the Flex Band in the US starting August 5 for $130.

You’ll also need to purchase an in store Fitbit store in the United States.

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